My tryst with Religion.

People say that faith is the foundation of humanity. Our faith and beliefs shape us into who we are and what we think. Faith and religion drive our birth up until our death. We are stamped with a religious identity the minute we are born, and are expected to abide by that identity till the second we have our last breath in our physical being. A plethora of religious institutions preach love, harmony and communal balance. All of us are taught to believe the teachings of the SUPREME POWER with conviction and we are also asked to rest assured that the teachings will fill our lives with love and purpose.

My experience with Religion has been a bit different that most of you reading this. To begin with, I am not someone who follows the religious doctrines blindly. I believe in a higher power and also believe that humans have given many names to that one POWER to suit their individualistic needs. I keep hearing that ‘our faith has become a global business’ and ‘faith is used to win power’ and many more anecdotes on these lines. But, I had an emotional and a heart-wrenching roller-coaster with the concept that we know of as ‘Faith’.

I used to believe that our heart and the emotions within make us humane. Those are the exact things that sets us apart from the other species in the hierarchy of life. True love is scarce to find these days and we should hold onto that individual who walks into our lives with nothing but selfless love and respect. Love is a strong feeling that connects two souls to the universe. It is a sheer feeling that exhilarates us and it is the scenario where one loves another person to the best of one’s abilities, and in spite of their flaws, yet doesn’t expect anything in return. Thus, pure love is considered by many as the best and truest form of love and affection.

BUT, I guess I was mistaken. I had to live the moment to believe the fact that religion also has the power to divide two people who have nothing but pure love for each other. The institution of ‘faith’ or ‘belief’ is so deeply conditioned into our minds that we fail to see the man-made foundations of the very same. We are living in the 21st century and we need human love now, more than ever. But the purpose of humanity is defeated every time man-made barriers are chosen over pure love and respect for each other. It feels as if our hearts are labelled by our religious beliefs, not by love and emotional connections.

Is it our fault if we happen to love someone without categorising them based on caste, creed and religious backgrounds? Love should come without any unwanted tags in this date and time. All of us were born with the same bones, blood and muscles. Our birth was a nameless identity. We were born with nothing but flesh and shard of skin covering us. Our journey afterward was cramped with man-made placards that chose to further complicate the next stages in our lives. Religion is one-such placard and it is a well all of us have fallen very deep into.

It requires enormous strength to love with all your heart and soul. In my opinion, it is one of the most liberating feelings humans can ever experience. Choosing a barrier over unfiltered love calls for the beginning of a dark world. A world where there shall be no sunrise. A world, where people will be robots for agendas which were born to divide us for an eternity.

My request to anyone reading: Choose love over everything else. Religion is how you love, not how you divide.

Photo by Noah Holm on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “My tryst with Religion.

  1. You are so true to say that when a person loves someone so purely, he or she expects nothing in return… I was trying to be that person with you for several months. Unfortunately, I had a tiny bit of my ego came in the way when I failed to be extremely polite at a few instances – Perhaps I had a little stupid desire to see you valuing me even so slightly in their lives when I was willing to do everything in my human capacity. I was trying to be very selfless, sorry I couldn’t be that perfect person, and even today I am trying to say in that pursuit of being selfless and grateful to you for all the moments that you talked to me. You were never categorized or labeled, except for giving your own unique status, because you are a unique person… But I was always trying to place you in your own exclusive category to which I look up to. I still do… I will always do… I hope someday you will understand.


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